At 14.2, Welsh Cob Tammy is our Novice riders main horse.
                                                                                          Steady and reliable off the lead, many of our beginners have
                                                                                          their first experience off the lead on Tammy.

                        At over 30 years old, she can be used to teach our students how
                                                                                          to jump and used to compete with stable riders at lower levels.

                        However, do not be deceived by this old lady's age, her cheeky
                                                                                          character means that she is a lively ride and is a firm favourite
                                                                                          in gymkhanas, where her experience gives her an advantage
                                                                                          over the larger, faster stable horses.
Our horses are not just an integral part of our business, they are also part of the family. Each horse has its own character and at first we try to match every rider with a particular horse to maximise enjoyment and learning. As each student improves, we switch the horses around, so that each student learns to adapt to a different character. Our aim is to have each student comfortable with riding all of our riding school horses, though many have a distinct favourite.
16hh Polo Pony Samantha is very popular with the beginners
in the stable. On the lead she is calm and quiet with even the
most nervous of riders and her slow steady jog is ideal for
teaching both rising and sitting trot.

Off the lead, Samantha is a challenge to more experienced
riders who find her sensitivity to hand and leg help them to
become softer and more gentle with their aids in the
dressage arena.

Her gentle nature belies both her strength and courage on the
polo field and her versatility is an asset to the stable.

Debbie is an exceptional polo pony and is mainly
used to introduce students to grooming in stable
managment courses.

Quiet around the stable, Debbie is very sensitive
and therefore very seldom used for teaching
clients to ride, and is Lucy's normal mount for

                                                                    Negrita has just arrived. A beautiful black/brown mare with a love for food and attention.

Calm by nature, Negrita is an Argentine polo pony who is quiet on the lead and will provide more experience for all our riders.