Darmanin Equestrian Enterprises
Incorporating Darmanin Stables and Darmanin Equine Consultants
In 1999 the Darmanin family organised a beginners polo tournament among clients of the stable, which consisted of slow chukkas and took place over six weeks, with a final match at the end. The following two years saw the tournament expand to other players and at a slightly higher level. The tournament has not been played for the last few seasons, but it is hoped with the increase in business and a new awareness in young people of polo that the tournament will be played again in the future.
Action from the first tournament  - Salvo and Blushing Hearts (BH), leads the way, with Timmy Sullivan on Sandy in the background, followed by Carolyn Muscat on "Noni" and Angela Caruana on "Tammy".
Mark Darmanin on "Raffles" and Karl Galea on "Duke" relaxing between chukkas. This was Karl's first experience of polo and he now has a very creditable 1goal handicap and his own string of polo ponies.
Girls can play too! (l-r) Angela Caruana on "Tammy", Lucy Darmanin on "Sam" and Pippa Alamango on "Rio" teamed up with Salvo, whilst Carolyn Muscat on "Noni" joined Mark's team with Karl Galea and Timmy Sullivan.  Preparing to play in the second chukka.