Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons are available for all abilities and levels. Hacks and lessons may not be available during polo and racing hours, please call for availability.

Beginners are taken on the leading rein along the
old racetrack in Marsa, following the edge of the
golf course, which has the advantage of being
traffic free.
A safe, relaxing environment such as this ensures
that anyone new to the sport of horse riding is
able to concentrate on what the instructor is
teaching them.

More experienced riders can choose between a
relaxing hack, which follows the tree-lined
Marsa Sports Club road and then along the old
racetrack at a slightly faster pace, or a lesson
of dressage or jumping in the La Vallette Riding
Club arena.

Dressage and Jumping lessons are subject to
ground conditions and riders may have to take
an evaluation hack with an Instructor. Riders
coming for lessons on a long term basis may                                                                               be asked to join the club, while riders coming
                                                                          for single lessons are able to use the premises
                                                                          free of charge.

All hacks and lessons are for one hour.  Country hacks are periodically organised, but not available on a regular basis - only experienced riders that have been previously evaluated may join these rides.

Polo Lessons

Polo lessons are available to any rider over the age
of 10 subject to an evaluation lesson.

One hour polo lessons consist of 1/2 hour theory
and 1/2 'stick and ball' with an instructor.
Stick and ball sessions for 1/2 hour are also available.

Polo lessons are subject to ground conditions.

All hacks and lessons are subject to the weather.


Places at livery periodically become available.

Basic Livery costs include :
Box with shavings bedding.
Feed. (Feed supplements
and special requirements are extra.)
Cleaning and mucking out.

Preparing horses and groom for polo and exercising are available
at extra cost. Medical fees are payable by the owner.  Owners
may keep tack at the stables and use changing facilities.

To find out our rates for hacks, lessons and livery, please contact us.
(l-r) Dieter & Samantha, Bart & Fern,
Sophie & Tammy, Delphine & Poppy
12 year old Hayley in her first polo lesson with  Tammy

You will always find a warm welcome at our stables, no matter where you come from, whether you are a long term visitor, or just passing through. Just get in touch if you want to ride, or even if you only want to say hello and talk horse for a while!

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